Sarah and Low Tunnels
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About Us

Wild Digs - Backyard Flower Farm

Wild Digs is a backyard flower farm located on the Front Range of Colorado. The founder, Sarah, focuses on using biointensive, small-scale, sustainable agriculture— specifically for the cut flower market. Over the last two years, she's poured herself into it, admittedly obsessed with absorbing every possible tidbit of knowledge she could. In 2020, she visited local farms and garden centers daily and read all the books she could get her hands on before putting methods into practice. Thanks to the tireless work of her talented husband, Tim, the tiny garden plot grows every day, and in the spring, the property will be filled with cut flowers ready for florists and farmer’s markets.

For Sarah and Tim, 2020 has been the year to try something new. The two are taking what they thought would be a gardening hobby and building something a whole lot bigger. After leaving her marketing career in 2019, Sarah realized that she needs her hands in the dirt instead of a keyboard. She wants her work to be rooted in something real, that sparks happiness you can see. Flower farming fits that bill to a T— and she can't wait to share the wild beauties she's been digging.

Wild Digs is a Colorado flower farmette focused on using biointensive mini-farming techniques to produce rare, high-quality cut flowers and specialty ornamental crops.